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Get Into Recovery is in essence an organic entity, always growing and developing new avenues of interest. We have gone from the providers of basic recovery training, to publishers of extensive courses and books, and then, the owners of a small hotel. The hotel acts as a headquarters for us and all our training and publication work, but primarily it is an alcohol free holiday destination for people in recovery. 


The two parts of our organisation each has its own mission statement:

 Somerton Lodge – Mission Statement

To provide a safe, comfortable and affordable hotel for those looking for an alcohol-free holiday destination that has a strong recovery-focussed ethos. 

Get into Recovery –Mission Statement

To pursue the development of recovery thinking, courses and publications that aim to combine the effectiveness of twelve-step recovery principles with other recovery methods through engagement with public organisations, voluntary groups, recovery charities and academia.  

Somerton Lodge
Somerton lodge (1).png

Meet the Team

After spending many years 'living in the wilderness,' three brothers came back together to create Get into Recovery and Somerton Lodge. It's a lot of hard work, but also tremendous fun and very spiritually rewarding. This work enables us to bring a lot of help and respite to many people in recovery all around the world. We hope you can enjoy being a part of it too.

Halfway through a planning meeting someone shouts "cheese". From left to right – John, Dave and Steve.

Our Recovery Services Philosophy

The core of our recovery philosophy is based squarely on the principles of Twelve Step Recovery as defined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. But we also apply significant best practice from CBT, Psychosocial thinking and recognised educational techniques in order to improve the application of twelve step principles in challenging environments where traditional AA type meetings fail to gain effective traction. Examples might be in prisons or state funded treatment centres where more structure is required because of mandated cost/performance metrics. 

Cochrane review 2020

June 2020 saw a milestone event in the qualification and acceptance of Alcoholics Anonymous in the world of medicine. For the first time ever, a full 'gold standard' Cochrane review was carried out on the effectiveness of AA. We feel the wholly positive results of this study are critical and pivotal to our all our efforts in recovery, hence us recognising it here.

Stanford University Statement, June 26 2020:


"The largest, most rigorous independent study on Alcoholics Anonymous to date shows that AA can help people get sober, stay sober, drink less, and suffer fewer negative consequences of drinking, all while keeping health care costs down. Watch scientists John Kelly (Harvard/MGH) and Keith Humphreys (Stanford/VA) discuss their findings (published 3/11/20 by the Cochrane Collaborative), with commentary from psychologist Gabrielle Jones."


Please watch the official Stanford video here:

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