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Pathways to Addiction
Hi folks, lots of people will tell you many things about addiction, some good some not so good. Of the not so good stuff there will be people that tell you there is only one pathway to addiction, or that it is only choice or that blah blah blah blah! Below I've added a graphic that I put together that shows various conditions that can impact a persons journey into addiction. 

People may have none of them, all of them, a blend of them or one of them. Take a look and ponder some of the ideas here. Above all be kind, addiction is an illness not a choice.

Hear Addiction and Family Specialist Victoria Seed, break down the above pathways to addiction in a video she made for her client group.


Well worth listening to if I say so myself.

Conscious Competence model

Coming soon

Hey I know I'm a bit of an 'educational theories' nerd but I love the Conscious Competence model.

Learning this will seriously help people in their recovery journey, this is not just my opinion but that of people I've taken through this on a one to one. 

So I'm now building this as an online course and it will be here soon. 
Bloom's Taxonomy

Coming soon

Another favourite of mine, and the basis for a lot of my stuff is Bloom's Taxonomy. 

Again it may seem a little odd that I'm talking about educational theories and learning hierarchies when trying to help people with addiction issues but I've taught a lot of people about recovery using this stuff and they have found it invaluable. 
How We Learn

Coming soon

There is a link below to my new Thinkific site where you can access this lesson for free, It probably only takes about 5 minutes to work through but is the first try out of the new software. Opens in a new window. 

This will be the last of these trainings on learning theory, I promise, but again this is an important one for those of you that are determined to learn the steps and get on in your recovery. 

Short but powerful.

If you want to study these courses exclusively at John's hotel then drop us a line.

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