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"Life in Recovery" Survey Findings.

Recovery from alcohol and drug problems is associated with dramatic improvements in all areas of life: healthier/better financial and family life, higher civic engagement, dramatic decreases in public health and safety risks, and significant increases in employment and work.


Below are the key findings comparing recovery experiences with active addiction:



  1.  Paying bills on time and paying back personal debt doubled in recovery.

  2. –  Fifty percent more people pay taxes in recovery than when they are in active addiction.

  3. –  Planning for the future (e.g., saving for retirement) increases nearly threefold.

  4. –  Involvement in domestic violence (as victim or perpetrator) decreases dramatically.

  5. –  Participation in family activities increases by 50%.

  6. –  Volunteering in the community increases nearly threefold.

  7. –  Voting increases significantly.

  8. –  Frequent utilization of costly emergency room departments decreases tenfold.

  9. –  The percentage of uninsured decreases by half.

  10. –  Reports of untreated emotional/mental health problems decrease over fourfold.

  11. –  Involvement in illegal acts and involvement with the criminal justice system (e.g., arrests, incarceration, DWIs) decreases about tenfold.

  12. –  Steady employment increases by over 50%.

  13. –  Twice as many people further their education or training.

  14. –  Twice as many people start their own businesses.

Full report from Faces And Voices Of Recovery
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