Hotel Louisville & Wayside Christian Mission

It has been a great pleasure to work with

the guys and gals from Hotel Louisville, Kentucky. The work they do is far reaching and essential. 

As far as we can determine, Wayside Christian Mission's dual usage of Hotel Louisville is unique in America. 

This twelve-story high-rise in downtown Louisville serves as a safe, clean transitional living shelter for women and families who need help while providing rooms for tourists and business travelers. They also have a seperate mens facility. 

In January 2019 Dave and I visited after being invited to make a set of training videos for the specialist addiction staff working at both their sites using the WISC manuals. The focus was on our reduced intensity programme.

Working with Recovery Africa has been one of the highlights of my life, after visiting Ghana in 2016 we continue to support this excellent venture and hope to visit again soon.

Recovery Africa 

Recovery Africa logo.png

Recovery Tourism

One of the topics for our symposium and conference Oct 2021 is that of Recovery Tourism. A multi-purpose centre is being constructed in Oyarifa, by the O'Laughlin family, a suburb of Accra, Ghana's capital city. The building will have 20 self-contained rooms and conference facilities. It will be also used by Recovery Africa as a sober/recovery tourism B&B with Somerton Lodge in the UK being used as a staging post for those visiting Ghana, and both being points of focus for the concept of Recovery Tourism.

Somerton Lodge

Isle of WIght. England

Multi-purpose centre

Accra, Ghana

Recovery Connections

Working with Recovery Connections has been a great honour and we are pleased to say that the WISC Integrated Step Course is being used in their Gateshead and Middlesbrough centres as the core of their intensive quasi and fully residential programmes. Our programme was mentioned as one of the contributing factors in Recovery Connections receiving an OUTSTANDING CQC rating.

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Joining forces with Phoenix Lifestyle Innovations and the Oasis Partnership we will be looking at putting on an Island Recovery Walk September 2021. Folks from High Wycombe will be boating overt and using Somerton Lodge as their base for the week. This will give us opportunity to get others involved and will form the basis of a great recovery networking event.

Isle of Wight Recovery Walk 

Fast  Coaching

We have recently had the good fortune to work with Nick Drake-Knight and Zoryna O'Donnell to add some Fast Coaching techniques to the Integrated Step Course.  We provide Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® learning materials through L&M Plus Consulting Ltd, an independent and authorised Master Licence holder, and training provider, of Continue and Begin Limited intellectual property.


For more info visit The Complete Guide to New Code Continue & Begin® by Nick Drake-Knight.


The Recovery Coach Academy aims to be a hub of information, training, connections and coaching that supports MULTIPLE PATHWAYS for RECOVERY, while working with individuals, families and communities.

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