Wellbeing Adventures

One of the main objectives we set ourselves when we started Somerton Lodge was to enjoy our sobriety by living in a great place. 


For all of us, as we progress through recovery, our thoughts turn to wellbeing. Getting outdoors, improving our fitness and sharing these experiences with sober friends can bring surprisingly big changes. Spiritually, we move away from the past and into a new world of exploration and joy. 


And frankly, in our view, this is the primary purpose of the Isle of Wight!

Living the Dream

Sometimes it’s gentle ‘promenading’ at Cowes, or taking a turn around the beautiful botanical gardens at Ventnor. And sometimes it’s a breathtaking hike to the top of Tennyson Down for the spectacular views. Or maybe you would like to explore the tiny country villages with their gorgeous thatched cottages and quaint English tea rooms. 


And then there’s the history! How far do you want to go back? There’s Osborne House of course, the private palace of Queen Victoria. There's sixteenth century Mottestone  Mannor (where ​Benedict Cumberbatch was married), or Carisbrooke Castle, with centuries of history there alone – right back to the Norman Conquest. There are many Roman villas here, two of which are open to the public, and the island has over 240 bronze age burial mounds or barrows, many of which you can find with a good map and a tough pair of boots.


And then there's the climate. The Isle of Wight has some of the best weather in the UK. Summers are just longer here, with consistently high temperatures and long sunshine hours. And as we are surrounded by sea, the light sparkles - it's more like the Mediterranean than Manchester.

Like to Join Us?

Our wellbeing adventures happen all the time. Our organised activities are not really all that organised – if you get what we mean – but our team can plan trips with you, and lead you on some great adventures around 'The Island'. 

  • We can plan country or coastal walks. If you like to go off on your own then great, but we are more than happy to show you the best spots.

  • If you'd like something more adventurous, how about camping out under the stars or some great mountain bike trips down our favourite forest runs?

  • Organise a small group of recovery friends and plan a wellbeing adventure together with us.

  • If it's just you, book and join in with some of our organised events and make new sober friends.

  • Come as a couple and take time out to improve the bonds between you in your new found sobriety.

Call us and we'll come up with something brilliant for you. It's as simple as that.