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Our Reduced Intensity Integrated Step Course Steps 6 to 12.



WISC R.I was designed at the request of one of the UK prisons who did not have the staffing power and capacity to deliver the full Integrated Step Course. This smaller version can be delivered by staff or peers in inpatient or outpatient settings.


This is the second of the two reduced intensity manuals covering Steps 6 to 12. It is designed to be delivered in three 2 hour sesions per week over 7 weeks. (see table of contents and session timings). This first manual includes, in total, 21 lesson plans - 3 per Step, 64 pages of questions in the Client Questions section, 21 Group Facilitator Prompters. In total there are 63 individual sessions that can take up to 63 hours (or more) of face to face learning.


There are two manuals covering all twelve steps.

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