A talk about the  Integrated Step Course?


This podcast was recorded at a Wight Media event, it is the first of hopefully many to come. In the podcast I talk briefly about WISC 101 Ltd, and Get Into Recovery. The Sponsor's 12 Step Manual and the theories behind writing it. A little about the UK Recovery Walk and meeting people who have been throught the Get Into Recovery programme. Dr AL Mooney and Recovery Zones etc. It wasn't rehearsed, practised or even expected.

This podcast covers various aspects of addiction. In particular we talk about the ASAM definition of addiction, (Primary Chronic and Progressive). We also discuss the different areas described as diseased, such as brain reward, motivation, memory, biology, psychology. Also a bit about abstinence, cravings and control.

Samba Group Burnley. Teeside Recovery Advocates and Consultants. Lifeline Stockport. Forward Leeds. CGL Southend. (anon) Birmingham. Daniel Durham. Angela Seaham RAD. Cathy Durham. JoJo
Interviews with walkers at the 8th UK Recovery Walk, Durham.including:Footballer from Dudley. Phoenix Futures. (anon) Greater Manchester Recovery Federation. Andy Lifeline UK. (anon) Chester. Andy Phoenix Futures Wirral. Jeff Durham. (anon) Dudley. Paul CGL West Sussex. Simon Durham. Dean Middlesborough. (anon) Phoenix Futures Wirral.

The UK Recovery Walk Conference 2016.

The conference was based around families affected by addiction and had some interesting keynote speakers, here are some of them (not all) and it makes interesting, inspiring and sometimes emotional listening.



Professor Jim Orford. Discussing empowering families members and the 5 step method.

Leigh Proctor. SMART Recovery. Discussing the Families and Friends Programme.

Joan (name changed). Discussing Al-anon Family Groups.

Mary Stewart, Academic and Author. Discussing the neuroscience of addiction.

Nicola Wendel. CGL National Child Sexual Exploitation Lead. Discussing her complex role.

Maddy Vaz. Sanctuary Family Support. Discussing the Charity.

This discussion is around the 12 Steps and CBT. We take a look at the similarity in processes such as; Behavioural Homework, Cognitive Rehearsal, Journals, Modelling, Conditioning, Systematic Desensitisation and Validity Testing. We then explore a simple CBT thought form and compare the similarities to the 12 Step method.

This discussion is around detox and withdrawal. With alcoholism or drug use, the body becomes dependent on those drugs or alcohol. Detox (and withdrawal) is the process by which drug or alcohol induced toxins are exorcised from the body. It isn't easy, and many people aren't mentally or physically prepared for the process, but with a detox program, that's only the first step.