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From Addiction to Recovery:
Empowering you to Change Lives

Our Integrated Step Course (online) promises to equip you and your staff with the comprehensive knowledge and practical tools needed to deliver a 12 Step focused curriculum that will help transform people from addiction to recovery.

Through a dynamic blend of expert instruction, interactive exercises, and real-world knowledge, participants will gain the confidence and expertise to effectively deliver the program, empowering clients to break free from addiction and embrace a life of fulfilment and sobriety.

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I’m John Elford and I’m a person in long term recovery. 

In the past 20 years I’ve supported many many people in their recovery journey, both professionally and personally,  helping them to get well and overcome their addiction. 

Worldwide over 25,000 people have used my books to help them learn about recovery using the 12 Steps.

I have evaluations from hundreds of people using my Integrated Step Course in rehabs and treatment settings. Many of the facilitators I’ve trained are still in touch and continue to do great work around the world. 

The Integrated Step Course

Three 2 hour sessions delivered 

3 days a week 



This program will help you deliver an easily evaluated 12 Step focused course that will not only evidence progress of your clients but will enable confident organization planning; will help you facilitate group work; brings confidence to what is being delivered; is externally evaluated and of course is great value for money.



The facilitators course is a self-study online video program that can be completed from start to finish in as little as 14 days allowing you to up skill yourself and your workforce with speed. You can begin changing the lives of your clients in next to no time.


Each service will receive a physical copy of the manuals -  great for helping to facilitate a group and organising your day. 

All printables available for easy access on this site.


This evidence based approach to teaching the 12 Steps is not only cost effective and super easy to deliver, it also brings structure to your clients and staff, is easily time-tabled, raises quality delivery by setting benchmarks for every session and is structured around authentic models such as the Stages of Change and Bloom’s Taxonomy. External auditors, such as the CQC, have indicated this programme as a contributing factor to recovery services getting an outstanding rating.


We have reviews from Recovery Connections, The Independent Monitoring Board for Prisons, The Governor of HMP Durham, hundreds of service users, endorsement from Dr Al Mooney (class A Trustee of AA world services) and more.


“I have enjoyed 2 days of this session and have more understanding of how the Integrated Step Course training sessions map into the 12 Steps. It has been a pleasure to share the powerful strength within the room of recovery and see the hope and possibilities of how the programme can help those on a pathway to individual recovery. Love the evidence evident in trusting the process which incorporates so much"




We will be there to support you all the way and because we’re confident that you’ll love our course we offer a money back guarantee. For up to 30 days you can have a really good look at the course and if you decide it is not right for you, you can have all your money back less 10% to cover admin, printing and postage. All you have to do is let us know, confirm in writing you have deleted any electronic copies of our materials and we will cancel your course, you will need to send back the manuals at your own cost, complete an exit questionnaire and then you will be refunded. The exit questionnaire is important to us as we would like to understand why the programme didn’t work for you.

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When you buy we will include a copy of ‘The Sponsors 12 Step Manual’ (great for your clients once they have left your service and want to sponsor others) ‘Shortcomings and Character Defects’ and Twelve Step Recovery and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’. Any further copies of these books can be bought direct from us at a third off the retail price (+shipping).

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