WISC TOC and Session TImings 6 to 12 copy
WISC TOC and Session TImings 6 to 12 copy

WISC Integrated Step Course Facilitators Manuals Include:


Progress Records


Classroom Lesson Plans

Individual lesson plans that cover what to teach in each session.


Group Facilitators Prompter (GFP)

A guide for group work and what to cover in each session. This document is intentionally over populated and all areas need not be covered as long as the client can complete the Client Questions. Group work is targeted at the appropriate learning level.


Power-points in Print

These are here for reference, downloadable online.


Client Questions

Questions with space for answers based on all of the work covered.These are photocopiable as handouts as per licence agreement and are online for easy printing.


Client Activity Maps

Consists of node link maps with space for answers. These are photocopiable as handouts as per licence agreement, included online.



Integrated Step Course Steps 6 to 12.

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This manual covers Steps 6 to 12. It is designed to be delivered over five days a week (see table of contents and session timings).This second manual includes, in total, 42 lesson plans - 6 per Step, 98 pages of questions in the Client Questions section, 12 Power Point presentations, 12 Activity Maps and 42 Group Facilitator Prompters. In total there are 105 individual sessions that can take up to 184* hours of face to face learning.


There are two manuals covering all twelve steps.


* Some services choose to take people through the Steps twice. Running Steps 6 to 12 once would total 92 hours.

WISC TOC and Session TImings 6 to 12 copy