Meet The Team

Director and Programme Design: John Elford

Before becoming the director of WISC John was the registered manager of a residential care home specialising in chronic mental health and dementia. He has a long history of working with addiction. Running alongside the above career, and for the past 12 years, John has been developing models of treatment combining CBT, the 12 Steps and teaching methodology - this has developed into the Integrated Step Course. John has qualifications in CBT, Health and Social Care, Psychology, Counselling and teaching/training.

Marketing Manager: Steve Elford

Steve has an outstanding career of technical excellence. He has built up a worldwide reputation, (in his field), and will be invaluable in supporting and developing our oversees markets. Steve's knowledge of trading abroad and the barriers involved are of great benefit to WISC. Having this level of support will ensure we are a company of the future.

Business Manager: John Wood

John has a long history of working in Health and Social Care. Prior to coming to WISC he ran the administration of a registered care facility and has an excellent record of managing complex jobs. Johns attention to detail makes him a real asset tot he company and ensures that the level of excellence we are achieving is easily within our grasp.

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