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Fun, serious, educational, challenging and supportive podcasts for all. We hope you enjoy!

Crikey, it's been a long time since we put up these old Getintorecovery podcasts on show. My buddy Diamond John and I put them together a few years ago now and hope to revive the practice again soon.
Keep Coming Back say "We bring the AA Speaker to the mic and record their story of hope, creating 'Speaker Tapes' for this generation".
It's great to be working with Paul on the Morning After Drama project. Paul and his team have just received Lotto funding to take this project further helping more people struggling with addiction. Watch this space as there is more very exciting news to come. 
I'm enjoying following Sober Is Cool on Facebook and this is their podcast, I messaged them asking if I could put up here because its fab, whilst I'm waiting for the reply I thought I'd do It anyway. Enjoy.
From Eckhart Tolle, Toxic Masculinity to paralysis by over analysis these podcasts cover vasts amounts of topics in a casual and chatty way. I love to listen to these while cooking in the morning, some incredible points I feel delivered with thought and balance. I love 'em.
You may be challenged!
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