NECA opens new 12 Step Rehab

The last two days have been spent training NECA staff (originally the North East Council on Alcoholism) in the application of the WISC Integrated Step Course, my 12 Step study program designed to be used in residential rehabs. NECA will be rolling out this 6 month programme in October with the opening of their new rehab centre based in South Shields. This centre is excellent and very well presented and will definitely be an asset to the community and to the great work NECA do.

The best part of the 2 days was working with a team that are an absolute pleasure to know. I believe there is a balance of professionalism combined with a real caring attitude that will make it a winning team. I can't wait to receive feedback on how the project develops and the successes they achieve, for they surely will do a good job.

The comments below are written by those who attended the training and will be working in the rehab.


Thank you so much for helping me understand a little more about “recovery” and the disease that is addiction. Kelly

I enjoyed the two days training. Found it very interesting & John was a very good facilitator. Looking forward to putting plans into action. Deborah.

I was feeling quite confused and unfamiliar with the new job role I’m due to start, which includes delivering the 12 Step programme. This 2 day course opened my eyes to what 12 Steps is and actually its not a scary as I thought. Im really looking forward to starting. Lucy.

Thank you so much John for the benefit of your expertise. Very informative and refreshing. Ellen.