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Discover Tranquility at Somerton Lodge: The Premier Alcohol-Free Retreat on the Isle of Wight

It’s been a tough few years, we bought Somerton Lodge just before lockdown and, as you can imagine, starting a new business , especially one that is dependent on people traveling, was almost disastrous for us. We had to compromise on our exclusivity (whilst remaining alcohol free) in order to survive and opened the hotel up to Booking . Com and other OTA’s. This will be the last year we do this with the hotel moving toward our goal of an alcohol free haven for those in recovery (or like minded people) in 2025.

Welcome to Somerton Lodge, your ultimate destination for a rejuvenating escape on the picturesque Isle of Wight. Nestled in a peaceful corner of the island, our hotel offers a unique alcohol-free environment, perfect for those looking to relax, reconnect with nature or perhaps organise a retreat.

Choosing an alcohol-free hotel like Somerton Lodge ensures a stay focused on wellness and relaxation. Without the presence of alcohol, our environment promotes a clearer, calmer atmosphere where guests can engage in mindful activities and enjoy restorative sleep. Whether you are recovering, practicing sobriety, or simply prefer an alcohol-free lifestyle, Somerton Lodge caters to all your needs.

Located in a quiet area of the Isle of Wight, Somerton Lodge is surrounded by lush greenery and stunning natural landscapes. The hotel’s vicinity to tranquil parks and scenic walks makes it an ideal spot for meditation, morning jogs, and leisurely strolls. With easy access to the island's famous beaches, guests can enjoy the fresh sea air and the soothing sounds of the waves.

At Somerton Lodge, comfort meets elegance in our beautifully appointed rooms. Each room is designed to provide a peaceful retreat with comfortable bedding, modern facilities, and soothing decor. Guests can enjoy a range of amenities including free Wi-Fi and a cozy lounge area perfect for reading or quiet reflection.

Our hotel restaurant currently serves a fantastic breakfast, offering a variety of delicious, nutritious options to start your day right. Please note that we do not serve evening meals, but we are are more than happy to recommend great local dining spots nearby.

Hear from our recent guests who have experienced the serene ambiance and exceptional service at Somerton Lodge:

  • “A peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Perfect for relaxing and recharging.”

  • “The staff were incredibly supportive, and the environment was so nurturing. I left feeling renewed and inspired.”

Somerton Lodge offers more than just a stay—it’s an experience tailored to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul in an alcohol-free environment. Book your stay today and discover the perfect blend of tranquility and wellness at the Isle of Wight’s premier alcohol-free hotel.

Ready for a serene escape? Visit our website to book your stay at Somerton Lodge and embrace a healthier way of vacationing on the Isle of Wight. Discover peace, wellness, and natural beauty—all in one place! 

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