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Integrating Online Rehab and 12-Step Programs: A New Era in Addiction Recovery

studying the 12 steps online

Combining the insights from Dr. John F. Kelly's research on the effectiveness of 12 Step Programs with the innovative approach of Get Into Recovery, it's clear that online rehab platforms like Get Into Recovery play a crucial role in the modern landscape of addiction recovery. Dr. Kelly's findings underscore the effectiveness of AA and TSF (Twelve-Step Facilitation) programs in promoting abstinence and reducing the intensity of drinking, highlighting the value of peer-led and professionally-delivered treatments. Additionally, the research points to the potential of telemedicine-based interventions, which align with Get Into Recovery's mission to provide accessible, flexible, and private online treatment options.

Get Into Recovery enhances this approach by offering the Integrated Step Course that aligns with the 12 Step program, ensuring continuous access to support through a mobile app, online community and a web based learning platform. This method not only deepens understanding and fosters personal growth but also builds a supportive community in a virtual environment. The platform's emphasis on AA meetings and structured guidance complements Dr. Kelly's findings, suggesting that a blend of traditional and digital treatment modalities can significantly benefit individuals seeking recovery.

By leveraging the strengths of peer-led programs and the flexibility of online interventions, Get Into Recovery embodies the evolving nature of addiction treatment. It offers a promising avenue for those who may find traditional in-person treatments challenging to access, thus maximizing engagement and supporting individuals through their recovery journey. This synthesis of peer support, professional guidance, and digital innovation represents a holistic approach to overcoming addiction and achieving lasting sobriety.


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