My First Post

This is my first post since joining the Get Into Recovery team, so I thought I should give a bit of history to explain how I got here. My recovery journey is pretty standard. I took my last drink in December 2005 and found myself living in Wales after the collapse of my first marriage. Then I started working the program and things got better. I married Kathryn in 2018 and moved to the Isle of Wight, England, in 2019. Sounds simple but it wasn’t really, you see, getting married in sobriety and moving to the Isle of Wight was part of a bigger plan for us to really live the dream. And my two brothers (John E and Dave E, if you hadn’t figured that out yet) were doing the same thing – between them they bought Somerton Lodge and started turning it into a centre for recovery and alcohol-free holidays. It was about us all making real change and becoming productive, serving others and carrying the message – to the best of our ability.

For me, a great part of this adventure was marrying Kathryn. We had both suffered from many past mistakes with relationships (mostly self-generated damage of course), so undertook between us to really use the program and see if we couldn’t do much better this time. This sparked a huge interest in me as to why recovering alcoholics struggle so much with relationships. I started to write down what I was thinking and what I was learning and this became the basis for my first book, ‘Relationships in Recovery’.

After huge amounts of work, with lots of people helping me, I published the book on Amazon. That feels very satisfying to me of course, but the book is only of any real use if other people get something from it. So, I would be very grateful to receive any feedback from readers, good or bad. Please do get in touch with comments or suggestions.

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Keep safe.