Where do we go from here?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

As we start 2021 it's a little difficult to celebrate the new year and "carry on regardless", but we've been inspired. Recent contact from fellowship trustees has prompted us to pick up where we left off with arranging our October 2021 symposium with a great venue for the conference day and attendees still expected from five different countries. We have rescheduled the Isle of Wight Recovery Walk for Sep 21 and look forward to a great week with much of the driving force coming from those great folks in Buckinghamshire, @The Oasis Partnership, @Phoenix Lifestyle Innovations. As soon as we can we will put on some live music in the hotel garden from the talented musicians at @We Are Not Saints. Finally, well for this little news snippet, we are looking forward to working with the @Recovery Coach Academy and bringing the CCAR style of recovery coach training, with all the certificates that go with it, to the UK - this is going to be interesting and I look forward to starting soon. As well as all the painting and decorating we're doing it continues to be a busy old place. Oh yes Steve E launched his new book - "Relationships in Recovery" we look forward to telling you more about this. Happy new year.