Relationships in Recovery 


A Guide to Building Safe and Sustainable Partnerships in Sobriety

by Steve E

This book examines in detail the instincts, wants, and needs that drive us to relationships, and the processes and tools that might enable us to lead rewarding lives with a partner. The Author analyses our character defects around relationships and how we might work an enhanced program to deal with these specific issues. The balance of instincts and the differences between men and women are discussed, as is the tricky issue of sex. The book then suggests methods for inventory taking, shared change processes and an enhanced set of principles that couples can use to build a successful foundation together.

But the book also injects a great sense of optimism, love and joy into the process. After all, the whole point of wanting a great relationship in recovery is that it's part of living the dream. The aim is to turn that dream into reality.

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Relationships in Recovery, by Steve E.

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Language: English

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