How You Can Stay Sober for Halloween While Hosting the Best Party Ever

September 28, 2017

Holidays can be challenging for addicts.  By throwing your own party, you can have more control over your circumstances and have a great time.  Here are some ways you can stay clean and host the Best Halloween Party Ever (follow the links to more good info).

Invite Great Guests

When creating your guest list, include friends and family members who are supportive of your sobriety and will encourage you to make good choices.  Some experts advise against including friends who are still using or who drink.  Inviting certain friends could lead to a downfall.  Instead, include friends who are sober, your sponsor, and new friends from support groups. 


Another great suggestion is to extend your invitation to whole families, including children.  Having kids along creates an atmosphere that is naturally entertaining and discourages adults from indulging in bad habits.


Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Just because you are staying sober doesn’t mean you can’t have interesting drinks.  However many experts believe it’s best to avoid drinks that imitate alcoholic beverages, such as non-alcoholic beer.  According to the United Kingdom’s Drinkaware, even so-called non-alcoholic beer contains some alcohol.  Rather than invite a relapse, make festive drinks such as “ghost milkshakes” or “witches brew punch”.  Visit Bustle for these and other fabulous Halloween-themed drink recipes.  


Provide Entertainment

Keep your party fun!  By developing a theme and coordinating your event, you can ensure everyone has a blast without drugs or alcohol.  Play great music, plan lively games, and offer fun foods.  Here are some fabulous ideas for themes:

  • Era Party.  Ask your guests to come dressed from a particular decade in history.  Have fun with a 70’s disco-themed party.  You can hang a disco-ball and play music from The Bee Gees.  Host a Roaring Twenties party complete with flappers and jazz music.  Ask guests to dress for the 80’s and give an award for the biggest hair or longest mullet. 

  • Costume Party.  You could hardly go wrong with the classic costume party.  Mummies, witches and monsters make for a straightforward but fun-filled event.  You can give prizes for the best couple, the most creative costume, or the worst costume. 

  • Movie Characters.  Invite guests to dress as characters from the big screen.  You can even choose a specific direction, such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show or superhero movies. 

  • Coordinated Couples.  Ask couples to match their costumes, for instance Romeo and Juliet or Batman and Robin. 

  • Pumpkin-Carving Contest.  Invite your guests to bring a pumpkin and you can provide an area for carving with newspapers and tools.  If you have guests coming who don’t like to wear costumes, gearing your theme toward an event can make them more comfortable.  Be sure to note in the invitations that costumes are optional. 

  • Classic Charades with a Twist.  Here is another option for your friends and family who don’t want to wear a costume.  Offer a special Halloween-version of Charades by changing up how it’s presented.  Candlelight, spooky music and themed clues can set the tone.  Clues could center around horror movies or monster trivia.  Select clues from a decorative bowl full of “eyeballs” made from peeled grapes, or offer props that support the clues. 


Enjoy Your Sober Halloween

By planning your own Halloween party, you can have a great time and protect your sobriety.  Invite guests who are supportive of your sober lifestyle.  Offer holiday drinks that are non-alcoholic, fun and delicious.  Choose a party theme that is entertaining and ties together the costumes, food, music and games.  These simple steps will make this your best Halloween ever!


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