Your Stay With Us

We think recovery holidays are a great idea. We combine the essence of a retreat, a convention and 'a day out at the beach'. We can talk about sobriety, read a few recovery books together or put on our walking boots and get into the countryside. Somerton Lodge is a place for respite in a sober environment, or a sober base for trips around the amazing Isle of Wight.


Our aim is to make you feel safe and spiritually contented – in the knowledge that here, everyone is in recovery. We want you to feel cared-for and to relax, but also to share our sense of joy that life is now good. And with this sense of wellbeing you can repair a little bit more, grow a little bit more.




  • We're not a five-star hotel. We don't have swimming pools and spas, but neither are we a bare-bones monastic retreat!

  • With eighteen guest rooms, we have plenty of accommodation, and whether you're on your own, or a large group, we will ensure you are comfortable

  • Every room has a well appointed en-suite bathroom and we supply you with a lovely clean and fresh set of towels.

  • You'll also find 'the makings' for tea and coffee in each room.

Simple and Wholesome

  • Somerton Lodge is a simple place. In a way it's the classic English experience of a small Victorian villa with a lovely garden. This is how we like it – it's spiritually peaceful. No one is rushing for a sun bed or getting merry at the bar.

  • Eat a lovely home-cooked evening diner with us or enjoy one of our traditional English breakfasts – without a hangover in sight!

  • Occasionally we push the boat out and erect a marquee in the garden and do something like a hog roast and have a sing-along with some of our sober musician friends. Ask about what's going on with a quick phone call any time!


If you'd like to book a stay with us, and we hope you do, please enter your preferred dates and click check availability. This will take you to our online booking system.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements with us, then of course, please don't hesitate to give us a call.