Twelve Step Recovery and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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12 Step Recovery general intro - J Elford
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Step 1 Introduction - J Elford
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Step 2 Introduction - J Elford
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Step 3 Introduction - J Elford
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Step 4 Introdution - J Elford
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Step 5 Introdution - J Elford
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Step 6 Introdution - J Elford
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Step 7 Introdution - J Elford
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Step 12 Introdution - J Elford
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CBT & 12 Step Techniques - J Elford
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Thought Forms - J Elford
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Step 8 Introdution - J Elford
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Step 9 Introdution - J Elford
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Step 10 Introdution - J Elford
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Step 11 Introdution - J Elford
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For those ready to enter addiction recovery, the decision has traditionally been either Cognitive Behavioural Therapy OR the Twelve Steps. In fact, many professionals have even gone as far as presenting the two models as fiercely-opposing approaches. However, John Elford finally ties the two together in ‘Twelve Step Recovery and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’. In short, both models are more similar, complimentary and life-changing than previously considered.

Exploring the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that affect feelings, behavior and actions. The focus of this book is on the similarities between the Twelve Steps and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In a clear step-by-step fashion, the two processes are discussed and evaluated. What are often seen as opposing approaches are, upon close examination, found to have great similarities that bring them much closer and more in line than previously considered.


Clear and practical examples outline the premise pursued, which is that a solution needs to cover all of the elements of addiction – the biological, psychological, and social.

This thorough examination of CBT and the Twelve Steps provides a comforting and supportive accompaniment to anyone requiring further insight about the essence of addiction and therapy.

“A book like this is long overdue, perhaps because of the thousands of hours of research that had to go into writing it,” explains the author, also creator of the highly-acclaimed Integrated Step Course. “I go beyond the physical actions of addiction to explore the thoughts, beliefs and mindsets that are usually not given due attention.”

Continuing, “The end result is a more integrated recovery plan for people, that calls on multiple disciplines to leave no stone unturned. We know more about addiction now than we ever have; part of the gift this affords us is a chance to harmonize what were once separate models of recovery, and bring them together to save lives quicker and with better success rates than at any point in history.”

Now available in Spanish

The Sponor's 12 Step Manuals

These are not 'stand alone' books, for them to work you will need to have access to a copy of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.

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The Sponsor's 12 Step Manuals have sold in over 13 countries and continue to reach sales of over 200 per month.

These guides apply established educational techniques to developing your understanding of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.


This process leads to a structure that progressively improves a persons knowledge and understanding of each of the Steps/Traditions examined. You will see when you start the program that it is broken down into different levels. There are 6 of these, each one is progressively more challenging and asks you to take a different view of the Step or Tradition you are looking at.


Do not be led into thinking that each level is the same by only viewing the first or second levels.

The manuals apply advanced teaching methods to delivering a tried and tested program of recovery. This process of teaching has been recognised as the essential element within the education community and has been used extensively by training facilities worldwide.


The Sponsor's 12 Step Manual: Workbook Edition is lined so a person can write answers directly in. 


You can check out Step 1 with our  Amazon preview here.

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Chris Fajardo ( MAC and NCACII) has been working hard in Kentucky using the  Sponsor’s 12 Step Manual; Workbook Edition. He has been using the manual with a group of 18 persons who are engaged in treatment. Feedback has been positive. realisation that giving up a drug is only the beginning of the journey, addictive thinking is still running around inside our heads and people can still make bad decisions even when drug free".


Chris has also been involved in some 12 Step Study groups and feed back is good. Chris says that “Although this is a very different way of studying the Steps, compared to what people have been used to, it has been very enlightening.”