Annual Symposium & Conference

The progression of all our collective work in the field of addiction and recovery requires collaboration with colleagues from all around the World. One way in which we help to achieve this is with the Get Into Recovery Symposium and Conference.


We hold this annual event on the Isle of Wight, England, in early October each year. This is a two-part process that comprises a working week at Somerton Lodge with a one-day conference (usually on the Thursday) held at Northwood House, Cowes.  

We are still planning to go ahead with the event for October 2021, but this is under continual review pending a significant improvement in the Covid 19 situation.


Somerton Lodge, 4-10 October 2021 

The Symposium is designed to establish a relaxed collaborative working environment for local, national and international attendees, with the following features:

  • The extended period allows flexibility for national and international travellers. Attendees can book to best suit their working goals, the need to attend other UK events and for some rest days too.

  • An outline timetable will be set for informal meetings throughout the week, with volunteers leading on their particular specialist subject. A relaxed atmosphere to network, exchange ideas and plan collaborations is proposed.

  • People/working groups can prepare and coordinate their work at the symposium for formal presentation and discussion at the Conference.

  • Get Into Recovery staff will help coordinate and facilitate the work of all attendees, both individually and as groups. As the overall planning gains shape and detail, we will publish regular progress updates (starting  Mar 2021).


Guests are invited to stay with us at Somerton Lodge. An indicative cost for a standard double room (B&B) for 5 nights is £460. A simple menu of lunch snacks and evening meals will be available (at extra cost). Our online booking system is blocked for this period to keep accommodation available for Symposium attendees – so please call or email us direct with you booking requirements.

Find out more about Somerton Lodge


Northwood House, 7 October 2021 

The Conference will be a formal one-day event for local, national and international attendees, with the following features:

  • The aim of the Conference is to deliver current and thought-provoking material about developments in addiction and recovery thinking, strategies and policy. 

  • Speakers will be from a range of experts from national and international organisations.

  • Get Into Recovery staff will compile an outline timetable and list of speakers. As the overall planning gains shape and detail, we will publish regular progress updates (starting  Mar 2021).



If you are not already registered to attend or speak at the Conference and/or Symposium then please get in touch with us. We are always seeking to expand our network of contributors and would love to welcome anyone who is 'pushing the envelope' in this field.

Northwood House

About the Conference Venue

The Get Into Recovery Conference is held every year in one of the main public rooms in beautiful Northwood House, in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. 

Set in its own park in the centre of Cowes, the house has a grand and fascinating history. Purchased in 1793 by George Ward, a successful London merchant, the House was rebuilt and extensively decorated by his son, George Henry Ward. Many lavish parties were thrown by the Wards throughout the Victorian era when the Island was a popular destination for the Royal Family. Queen Victoria's own children often came over from Osborne House, along with the rich and famous from all over Britain, to enjoy the high society soirées hosted at the House.

The Interior of the house has been recently lovingly restored to its original victorian condition. The house is now used to host many civic functions and important social events such as the Cowes Week Ball. It is also available to hire rooms for private functions and events, such as weddings – and conferences!

The room in the picture below is where we will be hosting the Get Into Recovery Conference.

Northwood House is very close to Cowes town centre with it's fascinating high street full of boutiques and yacht chandlerys, and Cowes parade with all it's famous yacht clubs including The Royal Yacht Squadron.

For attendees who may come to the conference from the mainland (as a day trip), the Red Jet high speed ferry terminal (Southampton - Cowes) is only a 10 minute walk from Northwood House.

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