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One of our goals when buying Somerton Lodge was to offer a safe and beautiful space for people in recovery to come and stay. We have international visitors who wanted to stay with us on the Island and then visit famous sites across Great Britain and Europe and they requested help in doing so. So here we are, we hope we can help.

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We are right here

We have two options available to you.

1. Sign up to our Travel Club to get news and information, our newsletter, offers and promotions and share plans and ideas on travel plans you may want to share and explore. See what offers our Association members are putting together for you.

2. Join our growing Association of International Recovery Tourism over on our AoIRT page and be part of a growing worldwide community of agents all offering sober and safe destinations. 

For travel businesses
For individuals
We are in the infancy stages of our Recovery Tourism Plan and need help to grow. The ideas below are not yet fully operational but will be with your help. The more people that get involved the easier this will all be to get going. Anyone who wants to help us please get in touch, we absolutely know there is a demand for sober holidays worldwide. 

As we Grow

  • Our plan is to take the time to get to know you and what you want from your holiday. The investment in time means you get quality advice which allows you to book the most suitable holiday for your needs and budget.

  • Above all else, we love to travel and we love the idea of being able to help you travel and enjoy the world like we do. 

  • Being in recovery gives us the joy of sober travel, gaining fantastic memories, seeing incredible sights and doing wonderful  things with wonderful people.

Planning Travels
Beach Vacation

Value for Money

  • Owning our beautiful hotel has increased our 
    understanding of the  travel industry  and many of the pitfalls we all seem to fall into. We now know that the major booking portals are not your cheapest bet, they charge hotels large commissions which we plan to avoid by booking direct for you. You still get all the same hotels and flights etc but cutting out the middleman can save you a packet.


We will ensure all bookings are protected but still recommend personal insurance to ensure you are always fully covered. We will explore options for you.

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International Conventions

Let us take care of all your booking needs when travelling the world to attend fellowship conventions (or anything else). Let us check out the local hotels, connections, customs or cultural expectations, car hire, local sightseeing tours and of course flight - we have direct access to them all.

Whether  it's a big trip to the next AA world convention in 2025 or  a smaller trip closer to something  at home, why not let us do all the hard work for you? 

Video Convention

We are right here

We have two options available to you.

1. Use the form below to sign up to our newsletter, make an enquiry about travel or send us a message.

2. Join our Association of International Recovery Tourism over on our AoIRT page and be part of a growing worldwide community all seeking sober and safe destinations for their guests. 


Leave a message, we may not get back to you immediately, we've got a beautiful hotel to look after as well, but we will start looking at what it is you require and putting together a portfolio of options. Just tell us what you want and we'll do the rest. 

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We're here to help.

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