TheSponsor's Twelve 

Traditions Manual

A guide to teaching and learning the traditions of AA

by John E

A guide to teaching the 12 Traditions. The Sponsor's 12 Traditions Manual is an approach to delivering the program of A.A. that will help people learn faster and remember more. This leads to greater understanding of the information in the 12 Traditions.

This guide applies established educational techniques (Bloom's taxonomy) to developing an understanding of the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. This process leads to a structure that progressively improves a persons knowledge and understanding of each of the traditions examined.

Using Bloom’s taxonomy as a powerful tool to help develop learning objectives, we engage the following process of learning:

  • Before you can understand a concept, you must first remember it.

  • To apply a concept you must understand it.

  • In order to evaluate a process, you must have analyzed it. 

  • To create new ideas and sponsor people, you must evaluate your understanding.


The Sponsors Twelve Step Manual, by John E.

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