John has been voted on as the Willingway Foundation UK liaison. As a result he has been involved in many joint projects across the world. More on the newsfeed.

Willingway Foundation UK Liaison

"The success of AA and other 12 step methods of recovery from addictions is widely appreciated, yet many needing help are overwhelmed by confusing contradictions in where to focus efforts of early recovery work. John Elford has broken this barrier with the 'Get Into Recovery' approach to guide the application of the twelve steps in a simple, prioritized, clear, and thorough manner. Treatment programs utilizing this method offer the best chance of recovery possible."

Dr Al J. Mooney MD

Chairman, Willingway Foundation (2nd edition now shipping from Workman Publishing)

Learn more about The Recovery Book: Answers to All Your Questions About Addiction and Alcoholism and Finding Health and Happiness in Sobriety. Written by Catherine Dold.

Dr Mooney's and Arlene Eisenberg's  The Recovery Book, First Edition, provides a wealth of information on in- and out-patient services, support groups, family relationships, temptations, and worries. Hundreds of questions and answers address every particular of what a person in recovery can expect, from mental and physical health concerns to why a former cocaine addict should not use Windex. And lots more.


With over 350,000 copies in print, The Recovery Book is the indispensable road map to every step in the process of getting sober and staying sober for a lifetime. It has become the bible of addiction recovery, relied on by addiction professionals and people in recovery nationwide.


The second editon covers new science on the addicted and simple techniques to "remold" it around recovery, which work hand in hand with 12 Step philosophy and other recovery methods.


Introducing a new 3-phase Recovery Zone System, it covers treatment options; detox and withdrawal; A.A. and other fellowships; relapse prevention; repairing relationships; sober socializing; work and money; physical and mental health.