Somerton Lodge

Somerton Lodge is our beautiful hotel and recovery centre on the Isle of Wight, England. A place where anyone can come and stay for a great alcohol-free holiday. So why not come and eat good healthy food, relax in our quiet lounge, or sit in our lovely garden?

This is a place for respite and wellbeing in a recovery environment. With eighteen guest rooms we have plenty of accommodation, and whether you're on your own or a large group, we will ensure you are comfortable and well looked after.  


  • Somerton Lodge is a great place for safe, sober holidays. Come and stay with us and just relax with the knowledge that we are alcohol-free. You will find it's a peaceful, spiritual environment here and you're welcome to sit with us over some tea and talk about what we're doing, or how it's going for you.

  • Use us as a base to explore the Isle of Wight. Come and go as you please so you can do as much or as little as you like. 

  • Eat a lovely home-cooked evening diner with us or enjoy one of our traditional English breakfasts – without a hangover in site!   

  • We often have safe and sober evening get-togethers, sometimes with live music too. You're always welcome to join us.


  • Somerton Lodge is a place where sponsors can meet sponsees in a safe and understanding environment, or a small group can get together for coffee and an impromptu meeting.

  • Sit in peace and quiet and choose a book to read from our recovery library.

  • Get a cold drink or a pot of coffee and go and find a sunny corner in the garden. You'll usually find someone out there, tending the plants, who will happily join you for a chat.

  • And hey, all our well-appointed bedrooms are always lovely and quiet – no late-night revellers banging on your door as they bounce down the corridors.

Come and Visit

  • The Isle of Wight is a great place to explore. We're only a short walk from Shanklin Chine and Shanklin Old Village with it's lovely tea rooms and gift shops. The beach is close too.

  • And 'the island' is only 22 miles by 15 miles, so it's not far to get to any of the attractions and beauty spots. Oh, and if you don't bring a car, there's a very good bus service here, with double-decker busses for great views as you get around.

If you want something more spiritual and 'out there', why not check out our wellbeing adventures. We take small groups of people in recovery for some good hillwalking or even a sleep out under the stars.



If you'd like to book a stay with us, and we hope you do, please go to the Somerton Lodge website to make a direct booking.