Somerton Lodge

Somerton Lodge is our beautiful hotel and recovery centre on the Isle of Wight, England. A place where anyone can come and stay for a great alcohol-free holiday. So why not come and eat good healthy food, relax in our quiet lounge, or sit in our lovely garden?

The Lodge is a classic late Victorian villa (built 1890) that was converted into a hotel in 1970 by an extension to the rear that provides additional guest rooms. We are situated on a pretty tree-lined avenue, in a picturesque part of the town. With large gardens to the front, the hotel is well back from the street and very quiet and secluded. Secure guest parking is via a drive to the car park at the rear.  

Recovery Tourism

  • Somerton Lodge is a great place for safe, sober holidays. Come and stay with us and just relax with the knowledge that we are alcohol-free. You will find it's a peaceful, spiritual environment here and you're welcome to sit with us over some tea and talk about what we're doing, or how it's going for you.

  • Perhaps you could include us as part of your Grand European Tour! We're not far from Winchester and it's cathedral, so you could visit where Bill W once stood. Then head on down to stay with us.

  • Use us as a base to explore the Isle of Wight. Or come and go as you please so you can do as much or as little as you like. 

  • We often have safe and sober evening get-togethers, sometimes with live music too. You're always welcome to join us.


  • Somerton Lodge is a place where sponsors can meet sponsees in a safe and understanding environment, or a small group can get together for coffee and an impromptu meeting.

  • Sit in peace and quiet and choose a book to read from our recovery library.

  • Get a cold drink or a pot of coffee and go and find a sunny corner in the garden. You'll usually find someone out there, tending the plants, who will happily join you for a chat.

  • And hey, our well-appointed bedrooms are always lovely and quiet – no late-night revellers banging on your door as they bounce down the corridors!

Come and Visit

  • The Isle of Wight is a great place to explore. We're only a short walk from Shanklin Chine and Shanklin Old Village with it's lovely tea rooms and gift shops. The beach is close too.

  • And 'the island' is only 22 miles by 15 miles, so it's not far to get to any of the attractions and beauty spots. Oh, and if you don't bring a car, there's a very good bus service here, with double-decker busses for great views as you get around.

Find out more about the hotel and accommodation, and make a booking.

If you want something more spiritual and 'out there', why not check out our wellbeing adventures. We take small groups of people in recovery for some good hillwalking or even a sleep out under the stars.

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