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John E

John's interests have led him to dig deeply into the connectivity between recognised teaching methods and the ways in which we learn about twelve step recovery. His work has resulted in highly effective teaching manuals for the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  More recently, he has studied and defined the close relationships between cognitive behavioural therapy and twelve step recovery, finally debunking the idea that either method is inferior to the other.


Published June 2023

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May 2023

Our Get Into Recovery 'Beneficial Books' Series has been launched.

These are instructional books, they are organized in a step-by-step format, breaking down the process of learning or doing something into clear, manageable steps. This means they are instructional rather than story-based, focusing on teaching the reader a particular skill or subject matter, rather than telling a narrative.

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All books available on Amazon in your country.


Each book has a set of worksheets attached. 

For you convenience they are available for download and printing here.

The Sponsor's Twelve Step Manual

A guide to teaching and learning the program of AA

by John E

Do you want to learn the programme of Alcoholics Anonymous in a quick and efficient way that helps you understand it better?


Would you like to have a guide that uses established teaching techniques to help you or a sponsee learn the 12 Steps in a structured way?


Not sure how to teach someone the 12 Steps?


Would you like to use our six point learning method that has helped over 23,000 people so far?


Then the Sponsor manuals are for you.


Here are some of the reviews from the hundreds we receive. 

"I'd give this an A+ rating and believe it is a must have for any AA sponsor"


I know some of you will like a whiteboard animation explaining the methodology of the books, some of you may not, so here it is for those of you that do.

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The Sponsors Twelve Step Manual, the text reference edition, by John E.

This version is favoured by sponsors when taking people through the 12 Steps


Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle ebook. Language: English

Or search your in-country Amazon site


The Sponsors Twelve Step Manual, the workbook edition, by John E.

This edition is great for sponsees, there is added space for writing so that a person can complete it then feed back to their sponsor.

Available on Amazon in paperback only. Language: English

Or search your in-country Amazon site


The Sponsors Twelve Step Manual, the text reference edition in Spanish, by John E. El Manual de Doce Pasos para Patrocinadores, la edición de referencia de texto en español, por John E.

Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook. Disponible en Amazon en rústica y ebook.

Idioma: Spanish/Español.

O busque el sitio de Amazon en su país

12-Step Recovery and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Looking For The Similarities

by John E

If you want to learn the similarities between the Twelve Steps and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy then this is the book for you.


Do you want to understand the  biological, psychological, and social elements of recovery?


An easy to follow step by step process will help you explore the two approaches and how similar they are -  with the added benefit of applying what you learn to enhance your own recovery.

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12-Step recovery and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, by John E.

Available on Amazon in paperback,  audiobook and Kindle ebook.

Language: English

Or search your in-country Amazon site


CBT & the 12 Steps (as I like to shorten this rather lengthy title to) makes a great audio book. 

Have a listen to the general intro here and then a snippet from each of the 12 steps below.


It comes in bitesize chunks  and is really easy to listen to when traveling or in between tasks.

12 Step Recovery general intro - J Elford