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Explore our exceptional series of e-books and audiobooks dedicated to aiding recovery from addiction. 

This series includes engaging e-books, enriching positive affirmation audiobooks, and calming meditations, all designed to complement 12-step recovery programs. 

Perfect for those new to recovery or looking to enhance their recovery journey, our resources offer vital support and motivation. 

Each title in the series is crafted to assist in overcoming addiction and fostering personal development. Enhance your recovery process with these invaluable tools for mental and emotional wellness. Follow the links below now to access these transformative recovery resources and start your path to a healthier, more resilient life.


So you can easily access your ebooks, audiobooks and meditations we use a service called book funnel. 

When you order a book etc, all details of how to download and use the app are sent to you, you will receive a couple of emails from the service that links us together (Payhip) but you can ignore them. The Bookfunnel email is the one with all the info you need.

We find bookfunnel to be as good as, if not better, than some of the brands you may be used to, and very easy to use. Enjoy!

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