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We are now the proud owners of

Somerton Lodge

Our alcohol free retreat on the Isle of Wight.

About us

We’re ‘WISC Isle of Wight Ltd’ and we’ve been specialising in helping people both here on the Isle of Wight and worldwide with addictions since 2003.


WISC was started with the earnest desire to help the still suffering addict get well from their illness and in doing so developed books and training manuals that have had success worldwide. The ‘Sponsors 12 Step Manual’ has sold over 17,000 copies globally and is till going strong. In 2014 we developed the Isle of Wight Integrated Step Course, (which is partly where the ‘WISC’ name came from) that has had success in the north of England and was included as a contributing factor for services receiving an “outstanding” rating from the CQC. We have also developed some specialist one day training sessions and have received accreditation to deliver these as CPD accredited courses. 


Our most recent and exciting development that has come to fruition in 2019 is the opening of our island hotel ‘Somerton Lodge’. It’s not only a beautiful and tranquil alcohol free hotel, but it will also host residential training, yoga weekends, meditations, visiting guest speakers and a whole host of other events in development. There are even talks of small musical festivals hosted by musicians in recovery. 


Of course WISC also stands for ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’  - a maybe not so subtle reminder that addiction is not a choice but a dark and powerful foe that is hidden in plain sight.


12 Step Recovery & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
The Sponsor's 12 Step Manual.
The Sponsor's 12 Step Manual. Workbook addition.
El Manual de 12 Pasos del Padrino.
The Sponsor's 12 Traditions Manual.
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UK Prisons

During the later months of 2015 Christopher Hutchinson of the IMB conducted a review of the Recovery Wing at Her Majesty's Prison Durham. The results are represented in the presentation available by following the below link.


Dr. Al Mooney and John Elford are helping to carry the message of recovery to Africa. We visited Ghana, and for those interested here is a brief itinerary of our meetings.