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Welcome to Get Into Recovery

We all work hard at staying sober, but there's so much more to the journey of recovery. Finding a life that is healthy and rewarding, full of adventure and new experiences is surely what we all deserve. At Get Into Recovery, this is what we are about – the sort of recoveries that we are "in to". 

So we run Somerton Lodge for fabulous sober holidays and wellbeing adventures. And we're part of a growing network of likeminded establishments around the world who are working to create appropriate and safe destinations for recovery tourism.


We are also heavily involved in the development of recovery thinking. We support and collaborate with a variety of recovery organisations world-wide, deliver training programmes for people who work in addiction and twelve-step recovery services, and develop and publish our own in-depth courses and books.

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Symposium & Conference

Each year we host an international conference to bring together people who lead in recovery thinking. The event is a great networking, planning and development opportunity.

Reading a Book

Our Books

When it comes to the problems of addiction and the opportunities of recovery, our team are always looking to push the boundaries of understanding and to publish books on our findings and experience.

Integrated Step Course 

Effective addiction and recovery education is vital for organisations that deliver recovery services. Our training packages and residential courses are designed to meet these needs.



Working together is how we develop knowledge, build understanding and support each other. We collaborate with a growing number of organisations around the world.


Somerton Lodge
12 Step Retreat

Somerton Lodge 12 Step Retreat is a safe setting where people can escape from the hustle and bustle of busy life whilst engaging in an affordable and effective educational process studying the practices and principles of 12 Step Recovery.

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