Day Training Ghana

A one day training event on Aug. 5 based on The Sponsor’s 12 Step Manual was an excellent session. Taking part, with twenty five participants, were DAFAREC, a faith based rehab (headed by Emmanuel). We got through much of Step One. Pastor Richard Armah was the main facilitator; the participants were highly interested, their education levels largely high.

For the past two months, DAFAREC has been mainly using The Recovery Book as their curriculum but have agreed to equally use the Sponsor manuals. Emmanuel says that he wants to make use of the “Zone System” for their clients; he also wants to establish a “half-way house” where some clients could take up residence and facilitate at the rehab. Their longer term plan is to establish additional centers in Ghana which combine their faith based approach with the 12-steps. The 25 from DARFAREC came to Oyarifa in their new bus that was recently donated to them.

The developing relationship with DAFAREC is a good example, as is the House of St. Francis and the Ankaful 12-Step Rehab, of Recovery Africa and the Hopeful Way Foundation assisting Ghanaian initiatives.

Emmanuel at DAFAREC has written this eloquent update on their use of the Sponsor's 12 Step Manuals. Thank you.

DAFAREC REPORT OF THE SPONSOR’S 12 STEP MANUAL – WORKBOOK EDITION BY JOHN ELFORD - This manual has comprehensively enhanced our ability at Dafarec to study and grasp the AA Programme. To work the 12 steps in a practical method that is making profound impact. It makes the application of the steps simpler. As you think through and ans