12 Step Training With Lifeline Project

An intensive week of training at Lifeline was a successful and enjoyable challenge. It was a pleasure to run an intensive week of study on the WISC Integrated Step Course and spend some detailed time on understanding the 12 Steps. There were many interesting discussions and some good and healthy objections to some of the stuff being learnt and taught. Again this is a team that I could really enjoy working with full time. Rather than me harp on about the training here are some of the comments from those folks who attended. Thanks Lifeline.

Carl D

"Thanks John for training me up so I can teach the process of learning the Steps. Ive learnt so much about myself and how i can move forward for the future".

Caroline B

"I thoroughly enjoyed the WISC training. It has give me valuable insight into the 12 Steps”

"The WISC training is totally thought provoking and an intense journey through the 12 Step programme as a practitioner working in drug and alcohol treatment services. A positive and inclusive human whirlwind”. Steve O