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Discover Our New 12 Step Meditation Series for a Transformative Recovery Journey

We are excited to announce the launch of our exclusive guided meditation series tailored to support each step of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. These 12 step meditations are designed to enhance your recovery journey, offering deep spiritual insights and practical tools for personal growth.

From acknowledging powerlessness to embracing spiritual awakening and practicing these principles in daily life, each meditation script is crafted to help you connect more deeply with each step of the AA program.

Whether you are just beginning your recovery or looking to deepen your existing practice, these meditations provide a valuable resource. Available now for download at, each script offers a unique blend of reflection, guidance, and renewal to support your path to sobriety and peace.

Dive into your healing journey today—discover the power of targeted meditation in your recovery process.

Images showing all of the meditations created for each of the 12 Steps.
12 Step Meditaions

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