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New Insights for Professionals: Bridging Coaching with 12 Step Recovery Principles

Attention all coaching and recovery professionals! We're excited to share a groundbreaking framework that integrates the core principles of coaching with the transformative power of the 12 Step Recovery process. This innovative approach is designed to deepen our impact and effectiveness in guiding individuals on their journey to recovery and personal growth.

Discover Our Six Core Principles of Coaching:

  1. Empowering Client Resourcefulness: Learn how to unlock the innate strengths within your clients, echoing the empowerment found in the 12 Steps.

  2. Facilitating Development of Resourcefulness: Enhance your skills in nurturing your clients' abilities, akin to the supportive nature of recovery groups.

  3. Holistic Approach to Recovery: Embrace a comprehensive strategy that addresses the entire spectrum of your clients' needs, reflecting the holistic essence of the 12 Steps.

  4. Client-Driven Goals: Master the art of allowing clients to lead their recovery, reinforcing their autonomy and self-determination.

  5. Equality in the Coaching Relationship: Cultivate a partnership based on mutual respect and equality, mirroring the peer support structure of 12 Step programs.

  6. Focus on Change and Action: Equip yourself to drive meaningful, actionable change in your clients' lives, inspired by the proactive nature of the 12 Steps.

This approach not only respects the principles that have made the 12 Step Recovery process a beacon of hope for many but also leverages the personalised, transformative potential of coaching. Dive into this integrated framework and elevate your practice, offering your clients a path to recovery that is both empowering and deeply supportive.

Find out more directly on our website.

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